Avast vs. Norton Complete Comparison and Discussion

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Just like many other antivirus software, Norton and Avast use a match detection that is referred to as the signature-match detection; this kind of detection helps to check files against a large database of malware and heuristic monitoring. It also detects all sorts of unknown malware. Anything that looks suspicious is sent out to the cloud servers, and this is added to the library of malware once it is discovered to be dangerous.

Every of the security suites of antivirus products usually uses the same detection engine to sniff out malware. Hence to know which of these provides the best option we will have to look out for their performance examined in recent independent labs that were conducted by the AV-Test and AV-comparatives.

According to the AV-Test recent results, which was conducted on the Windows 10 platform Avast and Norton got the best results; they blocked all the attacks that were tested with the 202 samples of zero-day malware.

However, on the windows seven platform, Avast blocked 99% while Norton blocked 100% of all the zero-day malware.

When it comes to protection, it is necessary that they protect your device, and also they don’t disturb the smooth running of your device; that is, they are not supposed to protect the PC and also eat up the system resources.

In the past, Norton was known to make the system run slow, but that has been addressed in recent upgrades.

AV-Test performance study showed the performance of the influence of the two different antiviruses on computer use; they compared the ability to carry out simple tasks such as launching a website, downloading applications, installing and copying files. Norton and Avast got an ADVANCED rating in the whole tests.

It, therefore, shows that neither Norton nor Avast will slow down your PC, but then Norton showed to have a slightly better effect on the system.

Norton review

The clean and bright user interface of Norton has not changed in recent years when things are going smoothly; you will see a small green icon showing ?you are protected,? this simply changes to red when there is an impending threat.

Norton has four tabs that are arranged horizontally; Security, Identity, Performance and More. In this menu, there is a link to a Report Card which gives you a list of all Norton’s activities; at the bottom of the menu, there is information to subscribe and to know your subscription status.

Avast review

Avast dark interface usually makes it look modern; this comes across sometimes as a little complicated when compared to Norton. Also, rather than horizontal, Avast has a vertical menu on the left side that has Status, Protection, Privacy and Performance tabs.

The default home page is the Status, and this, of course, shows the protection status with the color green which shows that everything is safe. At the bottom of each of the tab, there is a link that takes you to the settings where you can upgrade your service.

In conclusion, when the subscription prices are compared, Avast security is a touch more expensive than Norton, and this will place the Norton better than Avast. Also, Norton can be used to protect several devices with a single license which is not possible with Avast.

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