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Title: AVG VPN Review: All You Want to Know and More

Description: AVG VPN is one of the most reliable VPN services outhere. Let us find out its most significant features and define pros and cons. Read our review to know more.

The name AVG probably sounds so familiar that everyone would almost think that the brand is only associated with antivirus software. Instead, AVG is a known brand that provides tech-related services hence can relate to every need and challenge that is being faced by all those using tech.

Yes, it?s one of the biggest names that thrive excellently in the antivirus market, but it has at this time extended its services to internet privacy for everyone. On the open, AVG already has the perfect footing to provide the best services since it has background experience in the security and internet niche.

AVG secure VPN provides its users with a perfect and private connection as it helps prevent leaks and access to virus-free content. The AVG network boasts of the best customer service delivery that is available for 24 hours daily.

With the AVG VPN, you are sure of not browsing through any malware or virus containing the file. Since it is anti-virus software, then it should surely deliver in this regard, and it sure did.

There are no IP leaks; so far they have done correctly here, they proved that their overall security and encryption connection is safe from any leaks whatsoever ? that excited most of the users.

With their ever available customer support service they give their customers the surety they deserve; this offers the clients a rest-assured mind that all their queries will be dealt with. The chat support is available through the contact page section of their website. And as soon as you give them an email and your first and last name, you can then begin.

There is an available app that you can download the AVG VPN with, and it has great usability. The app will give you a whopping 30-day trial as you try to get acquainted with how AVG works. And as soon as the app is installed, it shows you a platform that gives you the option to either put it on or turn it off.

You can then click to switch on automatically connect to a server location. And just as most of the VPN apps, the server changes from one place to another and as soon as it is connected, you can begin to use the internet with a different IP address and location.

Also, you can manually select the server you want to connect to by changing your location. Every of the server will be displayed, and then you choose any of the locations that you want to work from; you can also choose the server that allows P2P and Streaming.

In general, the app is simple and basic enough for a beginner. There are not so many tabs that could distract you, and then you look for where to go through; also, all the AVG VPN apps have the kill switch for better security.

The company is located in the Czech Republic; this makes your information safe as your data will not be easily ceded to the government when they need it. However, AVG VPN will cooperate with anyone who breaks the law.

One of the shortcomings of AVG VPN is that it provides its VPN services with just 2 protocols and their speed needs to be improved on as it is not quite what is expected from such a well-known brand.

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