Best Antivirus Reviews 2019

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The best free antivirus is worth choosing from the same antivirus utilities that were used to protect against viruses before. The latest antivirus reviews will help you with this.

Top Best Antivirus Software on 2019

Despite the absence of new programs in this category, the range of antivirus software is large, before installing it is worth considering the characteristics of different versions, choosing the best option for your computer.

1.   Bitdefender Total Security

2.   ESET Internet Security

3.   Kaspersky Security Cloud

4.   360 Total Security

5.   Panda Antivirus Pro

These solutions received the highest marks in the AV test and are very popular.

Bitdefender Total Security

This antivirus block suspicious sites protects your computer from trojans and other types of malicious codes without loading the system and without having to constantly display pop-up messages. Such an antivirus works on fairly old PCs.


●     very simple and convenient use

●     updating anti-virus databases in the background – at the same time, the speed of operation of even old PCs is practically not reduced

●     an effective fight against rootkits – malware that collects user data

●     good work efficiency.


●     the ability to use only at home – the program is not intended for business;

ESET Internet Security

ESET NOD32 Internet Security is the optimal solution for any user who wants to protect their computer from rootkits, ads, trojans and standard viruses.

Of course, the effectiveness of such software is not 100% – but not even a paid antivirus has a full guarantee.

The utility does a good job of scanning and destroying most threats and comes with its firewall to protect against attackers.


●     use of special ThreatSense technology for protection based on heuristic analysis

●     the constant output of anti-virus database updates

●     convenient interface.


●     false positives

●     the possibility of free use only for 30 days.

Kaspersky Security Cloud

The advantages of the anti-virus utility have provided it with the popularity and reputation of a “heavy”, that is, seriously loading the computer, but effective means of protection against malicious code.

The list of Antivirus Kaspersky functions includes a system scan for viruses and spyware, registry control, user protection when logging in to social networks.


●     low resource requirements compared to paid Kaspersky Anti-Virus

●     using the same anti-virus database as the paid version

●     the convenient and concise interface

●     protection of mail and messages in instant messengers.


●     incomplete protection – during scanning, more attention is paid to ordinary viruses, and the most dangerous ones are often ignored

●     lack of a firewall – an option that allows you to protect your computer from external Internet attacks.

360 Total Security

An important advantage of the antivirus can be called completely free use – without the need for registration and a trial period. On the other hand, its effectiveness is lower than that of some shareware programs.

Support for cloud scanning can reduce the hardware requirements of the computer.


●     complete lack of payment – you can use 360 Total Security for any period without buying a paid version

●     high speed even on a budget computer

●     automatic scanning of connected external drives


●     not the highest efficiency – it is advisable to periodically check the operation of the program with another antivirus – for example, the free version of Malwarebytes or Dr.Web.Cureit.

Panda Antivirus Pro

Panda Antivirus successfully copes with the most common threats. The effectiveness of the antivirus is ensured by the constant updating of databases, the presence of a firewall and the function of automatic scanning of connected devices (disks, flash drives, phones).


  • quick and easy scanning, including automatic verification of USB devices and memory cards.;

  • game mode to reduce the load on the hardware.

  • effective anti-spyware protection.


  • short testing period – you can use the program for no more than 30 days for free;

  • conflicts while working with other antiviruses.