Dog Houses: A Wide Choice For Any Breed

If a long-awaited, funny pet appeared in your house – a dog, then you should buy him your place to rest. It is a sunbed, a special house for a dog or a dog house, which are selected according to the breed and size of the animal. Our online store offers a wide selection of dog kennels: small apartment models or small pet houses for outdoor use. Also with us, you can buy a house for a puppy, a house for small dogs and much more for your beloved pet at the most affordable prices.

Tips for choosing a small dog house

Before you buy a dog house in PetStore, you should pay special attention to the following factors:

  • The quality of the skin. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the material is sufficiently dense. Threads and fillers should not stick out.
  • Convenience to care. Since dog beds very quickly become dirty, it is worth paying special attention to how easy it is to care for them. It is worth choosing those models that can be washed often or which have a special removable cover.
  • Be sure to buy a house for a dog, consider the size of your pet.
  • When choosing the shape of a sunbed, pay attention to the animal’s favorite sleeping position. If the pet likes to sleep, the oval shape will be the best choice. For those who prefer to stretch, you can buy a square mattress.
  • Small houses are better suited for small breeds of dogs. Medium breeds will like wicker baskets or deck chairs with sides. And for large dogs, it is better to buy special sunbeds.

The owner, before buying a house for the dog, must also take into account the shaggy pet, which can be hot in the summer in an enclosed space. To avoid this, you can choose a house – a transformer.

Types of dog houses

To date, the choice of houses for dogs is great and can satisfy even the biggest needs. Most often, these products resemble an ordinary house with windows and doors. There are also houses very similar to the ottoman, castle, or made in the trendy high-tech style.

Owners of spacious apartments or houses very often buy houses for dogs of large sizes with imitation of furniture, lawn, and garden. Also, such houses can be equipped with air conditioning and a private pool, where your pet can cool off on a hot day. But for this, it should be possible to allocate their meters for the pet, which not everyone can do.

For an ordinary apartment, there are many options for small beds with a roof and walls. Such devices are very convenient, do not take up much space, they are warm and comfortable.

With a wide range of dog houses, you can find in the catalog of our store. Also in our store, you can buy a dog booth.

What to consider when choosing

It is best to choose houses with removable covers, this will help keep it in constant cleanliness, which is important for a pet. Sheathing or cover material should be made only of natural materials that will not cause a dog allergy. In the summer, it is best to choose linen or cotton. In winter, wool is the best option.

Small breeds of dogs are very difficult to tolerate cold and possible drafts, so in this case, it is better to install the house on a certain hill. The mattress for the house is chosen separately, to protect the pet from the spread of fleas, you can buy litter stuffed with buckwheat husk.

How to buy a dog house

If you decide to please your pet with your own house, then our pet store will be the right choice. Our catalog provides a wide range of the most fashionable, cozy and beautiful houses of different models and sizes for every taste and budget.

Also, many will appreciate the affordable cost of all goods of the pet store. Here you can choose everything for your pet, without leaving home at the most affordable prices. You can buy a house for a dog using a phone call or by leaving a request on our website.

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