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The Flywheel is one of the most popular hosting providers managed by WordPress, and you can easily see why. They offer both regular WordPress users and agencies a fantastic range of features.

How Flywheel Came Into Being?

The Flywheel founders, Dusty Davidson, Tony Noecker and Rick Knudtson, were able to help shape the Omaha, Nebraska, startup scene. Like many high startups, they started from a garage and started to construct a hosting service that they wanted to use personally. They tend to find a solution that would respond to many of their web development problems as consultants.

A seed round of 1.2 million dollars was raised in 2014. Flywheel struck a milestone of 50,000 customers in 2016 and raised $4 million in Series A funding. In their downtown Omaha office, they turned and added nearly fifty people.

The Company has also acquired a WordPress development app called Pressmatic and brought an already impressive team to its founder, Clay Griffiths. The $129 price tag for Flywheel customers has slashed Flywheel’s Pressmatic to Local rebranding.

Flywheel Web Hosting Features

There is probably no better tool than load impact when it comes to testing the performance of a web site under load. For those who do not know yet what this tool does, it allows you to map out, over a pre-defined time frame, how the performance of a website decreases with increased load, the effect of sending a growing number of virtual users to a site. With this tool, the results are shown to indicate how well Flywheel has established its services, sending 1 to 50 concurrent users through 10 minutes to our test site. I’m not going to bore details, but it’s enough to state that our test had essentially no effect on the site because of our significant virtual load times.

Besides its hosting functionality managed by WordPress, Flywheel is known for its extensive tools for freelancers and agencies. You definitely should consider them when looking for a web host that could help you to develop your web development or design business.

With several features offered to web designers and developers, FlyWheel stands apart from most other managed WordPress Hosting Companies. These features are, moreover, packed into a stylish and user-friendly interface.

Here are some more unusual features of Flywheel Web Hosting. Let’s have a look!

  1. Incredible infrastructure

Flywheel worked with Google Cloud to build a more scalable, resilient and quicker platform than ever before.

  1. Real support from real humans

 Chat every day or night with WordPress experts. Keep track of tickets with advanced in-app experience.

  1. Streamlined collaboration

Share your team’s site access, add a staff member or transfer your client’s hosting bill directly.

  1. Fast Site Development

Creates site templates, changes in the staging environment and push local development for a fast-paced workflow live.

  1. The ideal sftp setup

With the SFTP server of Flywheel, all of your websites can be accessed in one place by a secure login.

Flywheel Customer Support

Flywheel has been separated from the competition with shockingly human experience, in a world full of chatbots, offshore customer service and robotic response services. The Company’s foundation was built on 24/7 phone support and was supported by an actual person who doesn’t speak to you like a script reader.

Flywheel guarantees WordPress company customers over-average uptime of 99.99 per cent, but there is no such guarantee in the ordinary description of the schedule. However, the service conditions guarantee 100% availability, no scheduled maintenance, necessary repairs and unpredictable outages over and above Flywheel’s control.

Support agencies resolved over 105,000 tickets and in 2016 moved almost 6,000 client sites. Two years later, the enterprise extended its availability to match competitors ‘ 24/7 services beyond traditional business hours. Custom support solution for the Company has been created by Flywheel developers, which means the chat or email ticket is always one or two clicks away. 24/7 support for the Ticket System, Phone and Live Chat, know-how articles, ebooks & a 14-Day Free Email Course On Web design trends Flywheel includes.


Although Flywheel offers no guaranteed service, its track record makes it one of the leading manufacturers of reliability. A recent Flywheel performance report shows strong rock performance with a 100% lifetime score of 99% for the past year

For near-cost prices, Flywheel offers a strong, managed hosting experience. There are cheaper options, but few can match Flywheel’s overall service quality. The flywheel is a worth considering choice if you are a WordPress user with some room on your budget.

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