The Best Privacy Browsers to use in 2019

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In the digital era, it’s important for you to secure your online activities. Any program which is under a category of more secure browser confirms that the protection on the web is the top priority. To make the information secure from outsiders, the best privacy browsers are paramount. They will assist you everywhere on the web.

Here are some of the best privacy browsers  

Firefox Focus

It is one of the best privacy browsers by Mozilla. It’s purely designed for a customer’s data security. Initial launch considers the iOS users. Nevertheless, the current update is required to cover Android. It is the more secure browser that focuses on the data concealment with the beautifully designed which pleases the eyes. It also blocks ad tracking that consequently means that the websites are not recording the history of user’s web browsing and speed of the internet is not compromised.

Tor Browser

It’s a secure browser that was developed after the massive increase in the privacy issues of internet users. It has been the subject of a discussion because of its awareness and technological advancement. People who use the internet daily have installed Tor browser

for security browsing activities. The Tor software distributes the networks of relays that protect internet communication from being tracked by surveillance agencies and ISPs. Tor browser generates the dedicated encrypted path for receiving and sending data. It avoids evils eyes to monitor the connection of internet.

Epic Privacy Browser

It is developed using the chromium technology which is aimed at making the browsing private. Epic privacy browser’ feature which makes it a secure browser is a private browsing mode. This means that on a close of the Epic, deletion of every browsing data happen during the use of the internet and keep very small data history. This browser uses the encrypted proxy which hides the IP address, and it encrypts the browsing data. DNS requests are being routed through the encrypted proxy.

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