Total AV review 2019: Up-to-date Information on Total AV

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Even though the name is not as popular as other antivirus software, yet Total AV still provides one of the most fantastic antivirus features you could ever find among the big brands. It is just like the Avira Antivirus and well established German antivirus; it has a profile of well-established antivirus activities for half the price of other well-known antivirus software.

Total AV works very well once it is downloaded and it also scans your files as soon as it is installed. In general, the Total AV is a perfect antivirus when you need perfect software to protect your device from virus attack.

For me, the most important feature when it comes to antivirus is how perfectly the software keeps your device from attacks by malware, ransomware, and other spyware files. Total AV passed this test.

Blocks Suspicious URLs

Although the company is just a few years in the business, it is doing just fine when compared to the reputation it is up against. The Total AV helps to quarantine files that were suspected of being a virus; it gives you the option of either quarantining these files or deleting them. The antivirus also scans for malware when you browse through suspicious URLs.

Shield Extension

Total AV also has a web shield extension; this feature will come in handy if you want protection when you use the web. This extension is available for Firefox and Chrome users. When you open a suspicious website, it will help to block all then suspicious programs which are trying to access your device.

Handy Guide

Handy Guide is usually provided; another wonderful feature that is seen in the Total Av is that when your identity is about to be stolen by some hackers online, it helps protect it and keep your privacy intact. This is a good feature because some phishing website does not usually look dangerous at first site.

Free eBook

One wonderful thing about downloading the Total AV is that you get a free eBook as soon as you download; this guide will help you protect yourself better and give you the necessary info about how to detect malware and what you should do when you finally find one.

Total Protection

The Total AV has a firewall, although remote but it can repel all incoming attacks. With this, you will be able to control the firewall of your device and ensure that it keeps it safe. This can come in handy when you are downloading any risky file; your firewall will notify you of the risks concern and suggest the necessary steps to take.

Safe VPN

Total AV comes with a feature that allows you to connect to the internet with total privacy and anonymous mode. This helps you to browse the web anonymously and also prevent criminals from stealing your data online. The VPN tool helps to encrypt your browsing data and shield your IP and then give you a different IP from another country. All safe browsing with Total AV is available on devices that support Total AV; this includes PC, iOS devices, Macs and others.

Disk Cleaner

Total AV has it all. It prevents your device from slowing down; the disk cleaner scans through your junk files, and remove all the data that are not useful and free up space for the smooth running of your PC.

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