Virtual Data Room Reviews – Free Trials & Pricing Options for Startups


An investment in a virtual computer room will help your business become more productive, organized, and secure. There are also data room for due diligence. A free trial is the ideal method to test out all of a VDR’s capabilities. We provide you with all the information you want in this guide to make the most of the trial version and make the most of your time and money. For more detailed info, just go to this page.

The Free Trial: Why Is It Important?

The range of options differs from operator to operator. There is still a risk that the solution won’t work for your company, even if you are aware of which of these your company requires and have located the precise digital data space with the tools you want.

As an alternative, you can put each feature to the test during the free trial. Most of the top providers give free usage of each of them for a period of 7 to 14 days. This makes your VDR easier to use and more useful for both you and the users.

Best Sites for Free Trials

Both a simple solution with few features and a more complicated one with project management tools and other extras can be required. Excellent suppliers in each of these areas give risk-free trials. Here are some of the best businesses out there that provide this choice.

    • IntraLinks;
    • DocSend;
    • iDeals;
    • Drooms;
    • ContactZen;
    • Digify;
    • Ansarada.

The Objective of the Risk-Free Trials

The goal of the free trials is to offer prospective customers a taste of the actual experience. This frequently increases interest in the goods and substantially clarifies any questions prospective customers may have. Free trials may be utilized to create leads because most customers won’t think twice about making a purchase if they are satisfied with a product.

It is comparable to trying a car before purchasing it. The majority of free trials are provided for at least 30 days, which is the sole distinction. In this large time span, customers may be sure that a thing is real and easily decide whether to buy it.

How Long Should a Virtual Data-Free Trial Last?

The majority of free VDR trials should ideally last at least one month, while some may be extended at the prospect’s request. According to a research, 41% of offers give free trials that last about 30 days, 18% offer trials that last two weeks, 44% offer trials online, and 41% publish costs on their websites.

Maximum 14 Days

Some virtual data room providers reportedly provide 14-day trial versions. That is not enough time to sway a customer’s choice. Some prospective customers may become stuck midway through this period since they are still getting acquainted to the product. Only if customers use VDR software for repository purposes or other brief transactions may shorter trial versions be appropriate.

No Free Trial Is Available

It is quite obvious from the numbers above that 56% of suppliers do not give free trial versions. Even if it is totally of their choosing, they will lose prospective clients as a result and see more traffic go to their rivals. It seems sense that when a prospective customer learns that another VDR supplier is providing free trial versions, the customer will go to that provider first.


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